Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

Bonsai Accent Hint

This is a close-up of one of the accents in the previous post. This is spring and it is beautiful. 146

But we have a winter show and these flowers would be gone by then. We try to display accents that are seasonally correct. So, here comes the hint. Go shopping every year during the month of your bonsai show. That way you can pick something that looks nice that time of the year.  Plant the accent at least a year before the show. That way it fills in and takes on a natural look before the show. This is especially important if you are making “mixed accent plants”.  The accent plant above has the feeling of maturity. It does not look like it just was planted.

Bonsai Display Practice

Bay Island Bonsai puts on a pretty good show by American standards. I think the reason we do is because we practice our displays as part of our club meeting programs.

This May we used Ned’s tree for the display-practice. The first picture was the overall winner in our discussion, but not by much.


There was a feeling that the stand above was too ornate and fancy. But members liked it for its size. The accent, though beautiful, most members “voted” against.


The stand above members liked the best for its simplicity, but most felt that it was too big for the pot and the tree.  But they liked this accent the best. The camera-flash washed out the blue/grey color of the accent – which nicely complemented the color of the main tree’s pot.

This exercise just proves the bonsai rule: You can have a hundred pots and a hundred stands but not the perfect one. But in the end, you still have to choose one.