Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

Display Competition in Hanford, California

Thanks to Mary M. I got to see some of the regional competition in Hanford that just took place. It looked like a lot of fun. I was in Florida during the event, but if I am in California with free time, I want to see the next one.

Hanford Bonsai Display Comp.

In the picture below you have Peter T. with his display. Great job Peter Рand thank you. I was really glad that we had B.I.B. representation at the event. I hope that it just keeps building. Quality displays are always what we strive for.

Peter Tea Boogie


Buttonwood Bonsai in Florida (Cont.)

So here are the pictures from this year (09). When the Buttonwood came out of the pot I got a real complement from an old-timer. He took one look at the roots and said, “I’m changing my soil.”

BW Roots FL

It is easy to to see the larger roots in the picture, but if you know buttonwoods, the white areas are just a fine mat of white roots. One student said he had never seen so many roots on his buttonwood. It is easier to convince people about my soil-mix when they see it.

The picture below is after cut back. There was no styling this time. Even though this tree was exhibited at the EPCOT Center in Orland, FL, it is still a tree in development. It was cut back this way to encourage bud-back and to quicken ramification.

BW 4th year FL