Martha and her Australian pine

4 responses to “P1000254

  1. Hi, that is a really awesome casuarina. I see that it has driftwood as well. Here in Malta I am trying to persuade members of the Bonsai Culture Group to start growing Casuarina for bonsai. They seem very good material for bonsai but we are relatively new into the art of bonsai and definetly new to casuarina. Is the tree a yamadori? What type of pruning do you do?
    Thanks and regards

  2. Thanks for the nice words. That will make the student of Boon very happy. This site is administrated by friends of Boon and members of his club. Because of teaching , lecturing, travels, ans curating, Boon does not generally write for this blog. But he is often on the blog to see what people are writing. He says it is always fun to read the comments

  3. Benjamin Incardona

    Hello, that is an amazing australian pine! I have been searching for a good quality australian pine for some time. Do you have any idea where I might find one? I live in Upstate NY so would need to have it shipped. Thanks so much for any input!!

  4. Hi Benjamin,
    it is grown in Florida. she has it for several year. i do not know the source. pls try some nursery in Florida.
    Good luck,

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