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japanese maples

sango kaku


Japanese balck pine from the workshop

grown from seed about 15 yo.

Hinoki Cypress

Every year our trees will need to be worked on.  This hinoki cypress came from rooted cutting.  It is about 30 years old.

Last year it was in BIB show in January.  it also was shown agin in November at GSBF convention in San Jose.

it is very dense.  that is the way this dwarf hinoki grows.  if we keep it this dense, interior buds will get weak from lack of light and air circulation.  it need to be thinned.  we takes a couple hour thinning it using sharp fine tips scissors

this is the look after we finished

The Akio Kondo Bonsai Award Is Coming

Akio Kondo is Boon’s senior colleague. They both came out of the very famous bonsai garden, Kihachi-En in Japan. Kondo is a busy and succesful bonsai master in Japan. Among his awards is the very prestigious Nippon Bonsai Koku-Fu Award.

This year he will attend our Bay Island Bonsai Exhibit this weekend (15th – 16th  of January) in Pleasanton, California. At that time, he will choose one tree from the exhibit and give it the “Akio Kondo Bonsai Award.”

Along with the award, the winner will also receive a $ 300.00 bonsai pot carried back from Japan.   Which tree will it be?  Come and see.

The 2010 Bonsai Show Book Is Here!

You can now buy the “Bonsai Exhibit Book 2010” from our last show. Michael did a great job on the book. The photography was great. With just over a hundred pages of quality bonsai, this is a book worth having.

To buy the book, go to:

Of all the show books out there, this one has one added value. With every bonsai there is also information about the pot that was used with each bonsai. That makes this book also a pot-study book.

My favorite pot is on page 37. First of all, the bonsai is ancient. It is a variety not often seen: “Mino Yatsubusa” trident maple (these refuse to ramify).  But more importantly, the glaze on the pot matches the flaky bark of the bonsai well. It has my vote for best matching pot and tree.

Intensive Graduates

We are proud to announce that we have 2 more graduate students this fall.

David Johnson from Toronto








and Rich Lenson from Napa








Congratulations to both of you!!!

Pacific Northwest Convention Exhibit Winner

I want to congratulate Tom Knoblauch.   He won the best of show at PNBC in Washington.   It is the Japanese white pine below.  This tree was also in the  first national show in Rochester, NY.  The picture is from our 2008 B.I.B. bonsai exhibit. Today it is much improved and more refined.

As part of the greater B.I.B.  Bonsai Boon family, Tom is a graduate of the three year Intensive Program.

One of the greatest satisfactions I get is when students and friends do well. Like Tom , many students are now becoming leaders in their communities. They are beginning to teach – and they show great trees.

Again, congratulations Tom. This is why I teach.