Bonsai Accent Plants

As one of the administrators of this blog, let me make an invitation. Though this is a Bay Island Bonsai blog, anyone may comment on the posts and are invited to do so. So do not think that this is an exclusive site for B.I.B. members only.

At the last B.I.B. meeting we discussed another display. When it comes to bonsai accents, the artistic principle is that the accent should have a subtle flow back towards the main tree (in a two point display). The accent below was rejected by the membership because the flow back to the bonsai was too obvious. What do you think?

bonsai display 5,6-09 083

Below is another bit that Boon taught the beginners. If the accent flows out of the display, it looks like it is not connected to the main tree.

bonsai display 5,6-09 082

2 responses to “Bonsai Accent Plants

  1. How about the flow of the slap that the red pine is on? For me it’s looks distracting. Pushes the flow to the right. It’s almost as awkward as the accent flowing to the left… or is it just me? What to you all think?

  2. I agree. It was less noticable in the meeting. But in a two-dimentional picture, I totally agree. The other thing that does not really show up is the strong inward curviture in the front. You can see it, but not the way it really is.