“Boon Soil” Results

Below you have an example of a tree being re-potted into Boon’s soil and growing for four weeks. The roots are going wild! But don’t expect these results unless you live in Florida or similar climes.

Roots with Boon Mix

You can see roots growing over the right side of the pot after only four weeks. Click on picture to get a better look at surface roots

2 responses to ““Boon Soil” Results

  1. Is this a Ficus? 🙂 One thing I like on Boon’s mulching method with sphagnum is that eventually new roots like these come out exactly at soil level, helping to improve nebari in the long run.

  2. Good for you. Yes, that is a Ficus! Boon uses the sphagnum moss to keep the moisture in. He recommends more moss during hotter and drier seasons (and places) – and then less during clooer seasons (and places). But he removes the moss before it breaks down and start mingling with the soil