Potentilla Bonsai

Bonsai before lunch:

Potentilla Bonsai

Below, same bonsai after lunch. What do you like better, all the flowers or a bonsai on its way to refinement?

Styled Potentilla Bonsai

5 responses to “Potentilla Bonsai

  1. It’s typical cold and foggy Bay Area July morning, so today I like the flowers. It reminds me that somewhere it is summer…

  2. The flowers are pretty nice… but the after picture does show that we are serious about our bonsai and want to make them as refined as possible.

  3. I like the flowers… for 2-3 weeks, then the tree more as a bonsai.

  4. It’s a typical 100 degree Texas day so I like the refined “air conditioned” look of the after lunch pic. Flowers mean yellow jackets and spider mites are hiding out there somewhere. Nice tree.

  5. cherylas2009

    It will flower again and it will look better for the refinement. Sometimes a person loses a little to gain much in the end.