Bonsai Winner Is Being Repotted

Here is Peter T. with is his prize winning tree (Midori Bonsai Club Show two posts down). It was hight time for repotting, because a tree well taken care of puts out lots of roots.

bonsai roots Peterpeter with bonsai

The picture below shows a good job of placing branches. When you go to bonsai shows, you can learn a lot about the skill of the artist by looking that the branch placements from below. Peter bonsai branches

2 responses to “Bonsai Winner Is Being Repotted

  1. I actually only repotted the tree because I wanted to use my two pound root hook… it was worth it!

    LOL Actually the tree hasn’t been repotted in three to four years. It was time.

  2. Peter,
    Nice tree, you need to fertilize more, though. Just Kidding!!! The tree looks exceptionally healthy, nice work; and congratulations on best in show.