Bonsai Teacher Turns Fifty!

Do you believe that your bonsai teacher is fifty years old! And, that he took the whole day off.

10 responses to “Bonsai Teacher Turns Fifty!

  1. Happy birthday Boon!

  2. Happy Birthday, Boon! Best wishes for 50 more. (And you took the WHOLE day off?) Good for you.

  3. No to both questions. I hope I have half of Boon’s energy when I’m 50.

    Happy birthday Boon!

  4. Scott, yes, I did
    John, yes, I did. What energy, you are talking about?

  5. Happy Birthday, Boon. I hope you have many more! At least now we know how to get Boon to take a day off.

  6. Happy Birthday Boon, and I always thought you were 29

  7. He’s 39 and holding – just like Jack Benny

  8. thank you, my friends

  9. Wow, 50…… Guess I need to find a young and enthusiastic teacher…….

    Heh, heh, heh.

    Was a great party Boon-San.


  10. David Johnson

    We have a beer in Canada called Labatt “50” but it seems that only old guys like it. I guess you wouldn’t bother with it. Happy 50th! On to the next fifty.