Boon’s New Bonsai Work Shop

You are looking at the very first work shop taking place in Boon’s new place. The lighting is great. The space is larger. It is still a bit new looking, but great bonsai and teaching will be taking place here. That is a given.

Intensive students who, in a week, will be winging their way across North America have something to look forward to. This is definitely a “step up”.

You will only miss one thing. Jai no longer lies right in front of the entrance. He tends to stay closer to Boon. But you’ll get used to it.

7 responses to “Boon’s New Bonsai Work Shop

  1. Jai looks so happy, there with all of his flock 🙂

  2. Hello quick question, do you guys happen to have workshop that is open to the public, I just moved from Brazil to CA and I’ve found difficult to find workshops where I could come and learn from very experienced people. Thanks.

  3. Many congrats Boon!!! It looks great!

  4. Ah, We will miss Jai, he was such a good companion and buddy.

  5. i am sorry right now it is pretty full. so for now it is just for the members.

  6. Juan,
    thank you,

  7. John,
    I miss him very much,