Rose as a Bonsai

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Time passes both for us and our bonsai. If we do it right we will all grown cragged, older and with a lot of character, a lot like this rose bonsai. And the older our backs get, the easier it is to like this rose.

Don’t forget our show in January, Martin Luther King Weekend.

3 responses to “Rose as a Bonsai

  1. That is a really good looking Bonsai! So have you not done any work on it at all? I have a Port Jackson Fig that i’m leaving just to see how it grows and this is making me more confident in my decision 🙂

  2. Great Bonsai! I tried to make a bonsai out of the roses in my backyard but failed miserably. Then again, I just dug one up and trimmed it hard. What did you do to yours to get it look so good, and to get the blooms?

  3. dig it up in spring and cut at that time. let it grow and do not cut it more than twice during growing season. feed a lot