Display Competition in Hanford, California

Thanks to Mary M. I got to see some of the regional competition in Hanford that just took place. It looked like a lot of fun. I was in Florida during the event, but if I am in California with free time, I want to see the next one.

Hanford Bonsai Display Comp.

In the picture below you have Peter T. with his display. Great job Peter – and thank you. I was really glad that we had B.I.B. representation at the event. I hope that it just keeps building. Quality displays are always what we strive for.

Peter Tea Boogie


5 responses to “Display Competition in Hanford, California

  1. Hey!, That’s me! Next year, they said they’re going to try and make the event earlier. It was pretty interesting. You’re driving and all you see are hay and cows, then all of a sudden, there’s a Japanese museum.

  2. zen wa isoge

    It is out in the middle of nowhere but I always like the Spring Festival. Like Peter said it was about a month late this year perhaps in prep for this new comp. I think being the first year they did very well. Bob Hilvers, the Curator of the Clark Center Bonsai Collection, has been trying to get the reluctant masses to accept judged bonsai competitions in Cal and I think this went a long way in promoting them.
    Of course, there were some kinks that they better iron out. Being banished to a corner display was visually weird and seemed like a punishment, there were a few displays (see Jim’s in next post) with blemishes or light switches sort of distracting from the scene, issues with placing very big or very small scrolls in the right spot. All easy to improve by next year!
    Peter, you know I thought your display was gorgeous.

  3. Wow, was I lucky!

    My display was the same as what I used at our BIB Exhibition a few years ago. The new stand by Tom Colby was just what the tree needed.

    I spent the money (and more) today, on 30 new redwoods!


  4. cherylas2009

    You Californians think that anywhere outside a big city is the middle of no where. Go to the Dakotas then you could see what no where really looks like. Congratulations, Jim on your win!

  5. COOL! Now I know who to go to for a nice redwood tree.