Bonsai Display Winner

Congratulations to Jim Gremel! I am proud to have such a talent as a B.I.B. Member. Jim won the Display Competion in Hanford, California just a few weeks ago. More prize money for Jim! Since he took home the prize money from the National Bonsai Exhibit also (with a different tree), may be there will be valet parking at Dear Meadow Bonsai the next time we go shopping at Jim’s nursery.

Jim Gremel Cedar 09

I liked the display very much. It is simple and elegant. The moon scroll with other blues and grays make the display feel quiet and cool. It is very restful. The flow of the cascade flows nicely into the accent. I like the positionof the scroll. I also like the balance and strength of the stand. In the US, I see a lot of cascade stands that are too strong or too week. Good balance Jim.

What other comments do the rest of you have for Jim. …congratulations of course.

Photo credit to Mary M.

3 responses to “Bonsai Display Winner

  1. That tree does give you a cool feel. Unlike the 107 degree temp outside! Congrats Jim!

  2. zen wa isoge

    It’s funny. There were so many impressive displays that I heard sometimes the difference between this ‘place’ or that ‘place’ was a small fraction of a point. But, it seemed that everyone there was in agreement with Jim taking 1st prize.
    As a whole, it was the finest in the room! Ahh, pull up a couch.
    Look for more and better photos in the next GS.

  3. Pat Leners

    I have watched this Blue Atlas Cedar cascade as Jim developed it over time. Each year, I thought the tree was as perfect as possible, yet Jim keeps amazing. And to think, this is only ONE of his many outstanding creations in both bonsai and ceramics!