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Akio Kondo at BIB Club Meeting

B.I.B. members are spoiled! Since Boon belongs to a very famous bonsai clan in Japan, we now have Koku Fu winners as part of our club program every year. Here you see Akio on his knees checking out one of Jim G. juniper bonsai.

Whenever we have a program like this, Boon asks club members to bring trees in for critique, a bit of cutback, and styling. Club members don’t mind having Koku Fu winners “tweaking” their bonsai for free.

Akio BIB Club Meeting

Bonsai Display Winner

Congratulations to Jim Gremel! I am proud to have such a talent as a B.I.B. Member. Jim won the Display Competion in Hanford, California just a few weeks ago. More prize money for Jim! Since he took home the prize money from the National Bonsai Exhibit also (with a different tree), may be there will be valet parking at Dear Meadow Bonsai the next time we go shopping at Jim’s nursery.  http://www.jimgremel.com/bonsaihomepage.html

Jim Gremel Cedar 09

I liked the display very much. It is simple and elegant. The moon scroll with other blues and grays make the display feel quiet and cool. It is very restful. The flow of the cascade flows nicely into the accent. I like the positionof the scroll. I also like the balance and strength of the stand. In the US, I see a lot of cascade stands that are too strong or too week. Good balance Jim.

What other comments do the rest of you have for Jim. …congratulations of course.

Photo credit to Mary M.

Bonsai Display Practice

Bay Island Bonsai puts on a pretty good show by American standards. I think the reason we do is because we practice our displays as part of our club meeting programs.

This May we used Ned’s tree for the display-practice. The first picture was the overall winner in our discussion, but not by much.


There was a feeling that the stand above was too ornate and fancy. But members liked it for its size. The accent, though beautiful, most members “voted” against.


The stand above members liked the best for its simplicity, but most felt that it was too big for the pot and the tree.  But they liked this accent the best. The camera-flash washed out the blue/grey color of the accent – which nicely complemented the color of the main tree’s pot.

This exercise just proves the bonsai rule: You can have a hundred pots and a hundred stands but not the perfect one. But in the end, you still have to choose one.

Kenny’s trees at Dai Ichii Bonsai show in LA area

Here are the pictures of the trees that Kenny showed last weekend.  As you all know Kenny is one of those far away members.


Bonsai work on a California Juniper

James goes to work on a California juniper. He and Boon are spending some time discussing the tree before the start of cut-back, jin and shari-work:

James and his California Juniper

6-8 hours later, and much wood removed, James has further refined his bonsai stock. The tree has now a flow, the jin work has really gotten started (but there is much more to go). Now there are the beginnings of sharis down the trunk. Boon is a great believer of doing things in stages to insure a future bonsai’s maximum health.

After some shari work on juniper

Sure it is rough. But the future is there. With futher refinement, wired branches in a few years, and with filled in foliage, it is going to be a powerful looking bonsai.

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