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John Graduates from Bonsai Intensive Program

John is now the 12th student to graduate from across North America. He has been working to make a Western Juniper into a bonsai. The material below had no work except that it had been repotted once.

bonsai 5,6-09 011










So, next came the bending.

Jonh  bent juniper










All this actually happened last time John came out to California. So this time the styling started.

John working on Juniper








Below is John and his completed project. Well, not completed, but the first complete styling is finished. Now the filling out and the refinement can start. But when you look at the first picture – and the last picture – you can see that John can do bonsai.John and the frist styling of juniper

Heavy Bending in Bonsai Intensive

Here is a tree that belongs to Boon. In the intensive classes you get to do more advanced work on Boon’s trees, if he thinks you are ready. This  is going to be one of those courage-bends. Below you see a nice-enough tree, but Boon wanted a severe bend to bring the foliage a lot lower.

bonsai 5,6-09 011

Rory and John C are two experienced intensive students, so they got the prep-job on the tree before they all cooperated in the bending. bonsai 5,6-09 007

Below, when the sawdust must fly, give the job to a student. Sawdust is a good look for John.

bonsai 5,6-09 009

The bending was done with tools that Boon had brought back from Japan. The Japanese call the tools below “Jackie”.

bonsai 5,6-09 023

bonsai 5,6-09 027

Below is the finished bend. It will take about 2-3 years for the tree to add enough wood for the bend to hold. In the fall, an intensive student will get the job of wiring this tree.

bonsai 5,6-09 030

Bonsai Display Winner

Congratulations to Jim Gremel! I am proud to have such a talent as a B.I.B. Member. Jim won the Display Competion in Hanford, California just a few weeks ago. More prize money for Jim! Since he took home the prize money from the National Bonsai Exhibit also (with a different tree), may be there will be valet parking at Dear Meadow Bonsai the next time we go shopping at Jim’s nursery.  http://www.jimgremel.com/bonsaihomepage.html

Jim Gremel Cedar 09

I liked the display very much. It is simple and elegant. The moon scroll with other blues and grays make the display feel quiet and cool. It is very restful. The flow of the cascade flows nicely into the accent. I like the positionof the scroll. I also like the balance and strength of the stand. In the US, I see a lot of cascade stands that are too strong or too week. Good balance Jim.

What other comments do the rest of you have for Jim. …congratulations of course.

Photo credit to Mary M.

Buttonwood Bonsai in Florida (Cont.)

So here are the pictures from this year (09). When the Buttonwood came out of the pot I got a real complement from an old-timer. He took one look at the roots and said, “I’m changing my soil.”

BW Roots FL

It is easy to to see the larger roots in the picture, but if you know buttonwoods, the white areas are just a fine mat of white roots. One student said he had never seen so many roots on his buttonwood. It is easier to convince people about my soil-mix when they see it.

The picture below is after cut back. There was no styling this time. Even though this tree was exhibited at the EPCOT Center in Orland, FL, it is still a tree in development. It was cut back this way to encourage bud-back and to quicken ramification.

BW 4th year FL

Florida Bonsai Tour

I teach several study groups in  Florida a few times a year.  Here are some of the trees that we worked on.

ficus before

ficus before

We made major cuts and shortened larger branches last year, then bare-rooted and repoted it.  This is how it looks before another major work.

after major branches pruning and repot

after major branches pruning and repot

We cut off  more branches and then repoted it again to try to encourage more roots for better nebari.

Martha and her Australian pine

Martha and her Australian pine

Australian Pine (Casuarina equisetifolia)

willow leaf ficus and Dorothy

willow leaf ficus and Dorothy

This tree is grown from cutting over 20 year ago

after pruning

after pruning

after pruning large branches



after cutting tangel roots from the bottom

after cutting tangel roots from the bottom

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New Departure New Arrival

When Joe had to let a few bonsai go, Jeff found himself with a new arrival. …and to say hello, this Potentilla did it with a sudden flower.