Akio Kondo at BIB Club Meeting

B.I.B. members are spoiled! Since Boon belongs to a very famous bonsai clan in Japan, we now have Koku Fu winners as part of our club program every year. Here you see Akio on his knees checking out one of Jim G. juniper bonsai.

Whenever we have a program like this, Boon asks club members to bring trees in for critique, a bit of cutback, and styling. Club members don’t mind having Koku Fu winners “tweaking” their bonsai for free.

Akio BIB Club Meeting

2 responses to “Akio Kondo at BIB Club Meeting

  1. Nice, I got some good info. Especially that japanese maple tech for shorter internodes. I’m going to have to find a japanese maple and try it.

  2. And I so appreciate the opportunity! Each one of these visits yields unexpected techniques and inspiration that make the practice of bonsai so compelling to me.