Is this bonsai full enough to show?

Western Juniper 2009Jeff and Boon had a conversation about this Western Juniper. And, the question they have  is  this: Is this Western Juniper showable?

6 responses to “Is this bonsai full enough to show?

  1. Hard to say for me. I can’t see the picture very well. Perhaps this Saturday, I can see it in person.

  2. While the tree’s great, the foliage isn’t quite there. I’d hold off to make a bigger splash when the foliage can really set off the deadwood.

  3. From this picture, I would have to say no. Also, the tree does not seem to have not only the proper front, but also does not look to be angled correctly. What do you think?

  4. Yeah, I see what you mean with the angle thing. If you were to stand right in front of it, the individual branch pads are actually horizontal. But they don’t look like they are in this picture. Good eye!

  5. The table is slanted so this adds to the view above about the angle being incorrect.

    A few more years would really improve the tree as this will give it time for the foliage to fill in.

    Having seen this tree in person the photo doesn’t do it justice.