An Old Sierra Juniper Bonsai with a New Look

This Sierra Juniper bonsai once belonged to Johnny Uchida. There were basically two complete bonsai connected at the base. The tree below is one of them. Johnny took the chainsaw and separated them. Then 13 years ago Akio Kondo carved the base of the separated bonsai to make the chainsaw-marks disappear.

Robert Johnnys bonsai before

Below is the tree after styling. Unfortunately, much of the interior foliage have been lost – somehow. Akio said it was more difficult to style for that reason. But Robert, the new owner, will get it full again. Time improves most things.

Robert Johnnys Bonsai after

One response to “An Old Sierra Juniper Bonsai with a New Look

  1. Thank you for the compliment You can get the cut off brenhcas to issue roots, but you must cut them off in the early spring, and put rooting hormone on the cut off ends, and put them in soil, and keep them in the shade, with a dish of water nearby to keep the humidity up.