New Departure New Arrival

When Joe had to let a few bonsai go, Jeff found himself with a new arrival. …and to say hello, this Potentilla did it with a sudden flower.


4 responses to “New Departure New Arrival

  1. Club stories like the one above and anything about Boon is what will take place on this blog site.
    Boon also said he would shoot some of his private client work for this blog. The stuff we never get to see. Thanks All.

  2. I do love the automatic “possibly related posts” that throws up: Shipping Arrivals and Departures to New Zealand from 1642-1845.

    I would love to know what tripped their software to supply that!

    Congratulations on getting it up and running. It looks really good.

  3. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for comment. The odd New Zeland post might because we started out without Tags and Categories. Lets hope it is just a blip.
    The good news is that between midnight and 10 AM today 360 people have taken a look at our brand new blogsite.

  4. Good job…nicely organized. Looking forward to seeing photos from clients and other events that Boon participates in.