Hi All

Though we are in the process of updating every thing, don’t be shy about commenting on any part of the site. Great feedback has already started.

9 responses to “Hi All

  1. The new site looks fresh and the blog idea sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing / hearing about more of the club activities since I live so far away and usually only get to see the annual show. It will also be fun to see some of the stuff Boon does with his client work – but I hear the ones in Texas are kind of scary.

    I do miss seeing the BIB logo on the webpage.

  2. Yes, the logo comment is a good one. B.I.B. logo is well known here on the West Coast. I think it should be part of the banner on top.

  3. Congrats on the new site! Looking forward to seeing more updates.

  4. Hi John & Thanks John,
    Yes, more is coming. Boon is just finishing up a workshop before the meeting tonight. I shot some pics of James’ 6-8 hours work on a large California juniper. I’ll post it it in the next few days.

    The other cool part of this sight is that Boon have promised to shoot pictures of his work with private clients. None of us have seen those trees before.

  5. Seems like it’s going to be very good for connecting people (like the scary Dallas crowd) in and outside the club…especiall those that are geographically dispersed.

  6. zen wa isoge

    Hi Howard, Those that were at the meeting last night got treated to a Japanese Shohin video presentation narrated/translated by Boon. Really informative and SO much more fun then just another demo like most other clubs. It included an unusual hook type of anchoring a tree to the pot that I had never seen before. We also went through a display comparison exercise with one of Ned’s great trees. Morten got some photos so maybe we will see them posted here soon.
    Thanks Morten for working on updating and improving the site. You have a success here. It will be fun checking in and following BIB threads! Got it bookmarked now =)

  7. The site looks great. When are the pics from the 2009 show gonna go up?

  8. The 2009 pics will not be up soon enough. I have seen them and Eric and his photo team did a great job shooting the whole exhibit.
    But there is this troublesome “time thing.” With what is going on with BIB, Boon, and Bonsai Boon, and spring travels to study groups and private accounts.
    Let’s hope for the best.

  9. zen wa isoge

    Hey Alex, I got to get a little peek at the BIB Show pics at the Sac. Show. (Boon was reviewing them on his laptop) You guys can be so proud of this club!!!
    ps. our Alex V is giving up his bachelorhood and marrying what I assume must be a fab woman on June 6. CONGRATS to both! 🙂