Bonsai work on a California Juniper

James goes to work on a California juniper. He and Boon are spending some time discussing the tree before the start of cut-back, jin and shari-work:

James and his California Juniper

6-8 hours later, and much wood removed, James has further refined his bonsai stock. The tree has now a flow, the jin work has really gotten started (but there is much more to go). Now there are the beginnings of sharis down the trunk. Boon is a great believer of doing things in stages to insure a future bonsai’s maximum health.

After some shari work on juniper

Sure it is rough. But the future is there. With futher refinement, wired branches in a few years, and with filled in foliage, it is going to be a powerful looking bonsai.

2 responses to “Bonsai work on a California Juniper

  1. That’s an awesome tree, I can already see the future of the tree. Nice tree James!

  2. James Wagner

    Thank’s for the publicity. My phone has been ringing off the hook form all these people wanting me to work on there tree’s. A star is born. Just kidding. It’s been fun working on “Spike” as Boon called it, and creating a bonsai from rough material with no natural deadwood on it. By the way, the site looks great.