Kenny’s trees at Dai Ichii Bonsai show in LA area

Here are the pictures of the trees that Kenny showed last weekend.  As you all know Kenny is one of those far away members.


8 responses to “Kenny’s trees at Dai Ichii Bonsai show in LA area

  1. Nice trees Kenny, The trident looks a little thin. Ha ha ha!

  2. zen wa isoge

    Awesome trees Kenny! If anyone is interested there is a tokonoma competition in Hanford,CA May 16 & 17.
    We can root for Peter Tea’s display. confirm? I will be there to enjoy Hideko Metaxas’ lecture and actually got some of my MBC guys to make the trip too. GOOD LUCK PETER!

  3. Thanks for the luck, yes I will be in Hanford for the competition. I actually just mossed the tree today!

  4. Thanks Peter. I know, do you know how I can make the trident fuller? lol

  5. Timothy Phan

    to make trident fuller: complete defoliate and cut off all main branches and wait for couple years or simply inject HGH. hahaha. Just kidding of course.

    Kenny, you have beautiful bonsai and a very very beautiful Trident

  6. Thanks Timothy for the suggestion (lol) and for the compliment.

  7. At first, I must congratulate you for such a wonderful work with bonsai in general. Your bonsais are great!
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a semi-professional bonsaier. My intention on getting in contact with masters and professionals like you is to change knowledge and informations in order to improove my own knowledge about bonsai.
    Soon, I will have a virtual and a phisical space in where I intend, at the same time, change knowledge among those who will be interested on bonsai, to be in touch with the maximum of masters and professionals, and trade it too. I have around 350 bonsais in my house.
    I thank you all in antecipation.

  8. Neiveraldo, thank you for your kind words. I am by no means a master, just a student of bonsai. My bonsai reflect not only the teaching that I have received, but also what I like in a bonsai. Without good instruction it would be impossible to achieve either. Thanks should go to Bonsai Boon for the “investment” that he has put into me to help achieve my longtime goal. I encourage everyone who is looking to “take their bonsai skills to the next level” to enroll in classes with him.

    Thanks again,